Bren Starlight

Old Madras Road, Bangalore

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Bren Starlight Price Details

Bren Starlight Bangalore is offering the 2BHK Apartments of 1245sqft is 51.04L and 1250sqft is 51.25L, 3BHK Apartments of 1480sqft is 60.68L and 1530sqft is 62.73Lacs. The prices of the apartments are affordable that a common person also can afford a 2BHK apartment and fulfill the dreams of an own house. There is also no compromise in giving the best quality residential apartments in the reasonable prices.

Unit Type Size Price Per Sqft Basic Cost Floor Plan
2 BHK 1245 Sqft Rs. 4100/- 51.04 L View floor plan
2 BHK 1250 Sqft Rs. 4100/- 51.25 L View floor plan
3 BHK 1480 Sqft Rs. 4100/- 60.68 L View floor plan
3 BHK 1530 Sqft Rs. 4100/- 62.73 L View floor plan
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